The aim of this course is to provide students with a combination of theoretical and applied knowledge on organizing innovation. The course focuses on both the challenges and opportunities firms face when organizing for innovation and engaging in new product or service development. The course also examines the challenge to building and maintaining an innovative organization, the role of creativity and prototyping, and how individuals can successfully innovate in organizations. Students also learn about recent insights on design thinking, and user driven or open innovation. It combines traditional lectures with case studies, in-class exercises, and group work. It is designed to be combined with the course “Management of Innovation”.

The key learning objectives are:

  • master different theoretical frameworks to think about how to organize innovation
  • gain knowledge how to translate theoretical frameworks into practical application
  • understanding the role of creativity in new product and new service development
  • acquire tools to organize innovation in different settings
  • identifying core problems that may impede innovative performance
  • knowing how to manage groups that are innovating and how to develop and use firm’s capabilities to exploit innovative activities