The main aim of this class is to provide students with a broad view of the historical underpinnings and evolution of modern liberalism. This overview will also aim at improving some methodological skills, such as the ability to read historical texts, the ability to pick out conceptual connections, similarities and differences in the arguments dealt with, the awareness of the contextual resonances of political texts. Moreover, the course will also provide basic skills in the management of secondary scholarship and in the discussion, presentation and assessment of the theoretical premises of the main political theories of the modern age.
The basic skills to be assessed are the following ones:
1.ability to read historical texts in their context, and in contrast with other texts;
2.ability to grasp the connections between premises and arguments, and to find them in the texts;
3.ability to put forward and defend one's own interpretations of a given text during guided discussions;
4.ability to emphasize similarities and differences between historical approaches and contemporary views and issues.