The course will examine the specific issues involved in developing and implementing marketing strategies that can be successful in the global scenario. Differences in carrying out marketing operations in an international as opposed to a “domestic” scale will be pointed out. Attention will be focused on such issues as:
• understanding cultural and social differences among regions and countries 
• identifying and evaluating opportunities that arise in international markets via an appropriate analysis and selection of countries
• developing marketing strategies in the international arena 
• adapting marketing tactics to the specific needs and constraints in national markets
• managing diversity and ethical issues in the global context.

The course aims at making students able to understand how differences among regions affect the conduct of marketing in the global scenario, as well as how companies can successfully manage opportunities risks inherent in global marketing strategies and operations. 

Specifically, the course is designed to:
• challenge students to think critically about various facets of global competition
• familiarize students with problems and perspectives of doing marketing internationally
• assist students in acquiring the skills necessary to analyze, assess, design and implement marketing strategies and programs that transcend national boundaries.