The course will focus on the parameters of constitutional development of European integration within the European Union that are contained in constitutional principles of the EU member states.

It looks at the interaction between legal and political orders and the actors within these orders with each other.

It aims to uncover the underlying parameters for the question how the EU influences legislative, executive and judicial power exercised in Member States.

Such parameters concern in general concern the status of EU law in the national legal orders, and from the EU side consist in doctrines like primacy and direct effect.  In this course, however, we mainly focus on how this interacts with member states’ constitutions. This involves a study of (comparative) constitutional law of the member states, as well as selected aspects of EU law. 

Course objectives:

The student that has taken this course successfully should be able:

- to identify core elements of European constitutionalism

- to identify core issues of friction between constitutional orders of member states and the EU, both in terms of national constitutional law of selected member states and in terms of EU law

- to indicate manners in which constitutional concerns of member states are accommodated in EU law.