The course will introduce students to advanced topics in Industrial Organization and Managerial Economics. Each topic will be first analyzed from a theoretical perspective and then complemented with empirical applications and case studies

The aim of this course is to provide an integrated view of international financial markets and the management of multinational firms. The focus will be on the markets for spot exchange, currency forwards, options, swaps, international bonds, and international equities. For each of these markets, students will study the valuation of instruments traded in these markets and, through cases, the application of these instruments to the following corporate decisions: (i) managing exposure to exchange rates and country risk, (ii) financing in international capital markets, and (iii) international capital budgeting in the presence of multiple currencies, international tax regulations, and sovereign risk.

This class will provide an advanced analysis of financial instruments and portfolio theory.

Questo corso ha come obiettivo quello di fornire strumenti di analisi finanziaria avanzati per la costruzione di un portafoglio e la gestione del rischio.

The purpose of the course is to provide the necessary tools for a thorough understanding of asymptotic theory in classical econometrics. The course goals are:

  1. to be able to perform estimation and testing in linear cross-section regression models, to be sufficiently comfortable with asymptotic theory for linear models,
  2. to be able to implement basic cross-section methods as needed for a advanced thesis.

Providing the students with a clear understanding of definition, role and implications of financial statement; IAS/IFRS and performance measurement.
Present most important methodologies to enhance accuracy in measuring investment returns and other companies results; discuss the latest developments in performance measurement and identify the weaknesses in traditional business performance measurement; explain strengths and weaknesses of the main ratios, Balanced Scorecard, and other measurement frameworks.